Giant Round 36" Yellow

Giant Round 36" Yellow
Giant Round 36" Yellow

Balloons have quickly became one of our favorite things to package for all of customers!  
When it comes to wanting to add a pop of color to your wedding, baby showers, birthday party, a photo backdrop and anything inbetween you can never go wrong with a 36" balloon!!  These look amazing alone, bundle or in a balloon bouquet!

What you will get :
* 1 - 36 inch latex balloon - Solid Yellow

Inflating Tips : As our balloons ship flat, the amount of helium can get pricey depending on your area.  You will need about 14.10 cubic ft of helium.  We recommend calling around your loaction to get pricing and also confirming they are able to get them filled up perfect for you.  *please do not overfill, you can always underfill a tad though :) . (if you have any questions on this please let us know)

As for our colors, we show our colors in the color they will be once they will be blown up.  What you get in your package may look different, but the color changes as they inflate :) **please note screen resolutions may change the colors some.

*WARNING** Balloons are not toys!  Children under 8 years old can choke or suffocate on balloons that are not inflated or that have popped.  Please give adult supervision with these when children are around and throw away any balloon pieces right away.

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