Bumble Bee Sprinkle Stix

Bumble Bee Sprinkle Stix

BUMBLE BEE Party Sprinkle Mix
Colorful fun mix of Yellow and Black Confetti and sweet assorted Flower sprinkles....SO CUTE...!!!!

SPRINKLE YOUR PARTY with our FUN Party Sprinkles
Pretty party mix for Bee Parties, Garden Tea Party, Birthday Party

Cupcake and Cookie Sprinkles Party Mix

YELLOW and BLACK Bee Party Sprinkle Mix with colorful Confetti Flowers as shown
Comes in a ( 2 oz. plastic jar ) 

SPRINKLE YOUR PARTY with our FUN Party Sprinkle Mix

Fun colorful mix as shown for your special themed party.
Comes in a reusable plastic jar with about 2 oz. of sprinkle mix.

Quantity:ONE JAR 2 OZ. $3.50

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