Just The Sprinkles
SPRINKLE YOUR PARTY with our FUN Party Sprinkle Mix

Fun colorful party sprinkle mixes for your special themed party. 
Dress up your Cupcakes, Cookies, Ice Cream, Cakes, Donuts, Muffins and Desserts
Use our colorful fun Paper Tubes to make your own "Sprinkle Sitx"
Tubes ARE NOT included and can be purchased in our shop.
Perfect for Ice Cream Socials, Baking Parties, Birthdays, Kids Baking Party, Party Favors or just making precious memories in your kitchen with the little ones.
Let your party guest decorate their own cupcakes, cake, ice cream and other party treats.
Fun, Fun, Fun....!!!
Comes in a reusable plastic jar with about 2 oz. of sprinkle mix.
Just select your mix from our Sprinkle Menu Below
Happy Sprinkling

Just the Sprinkles