Sprinkle Sitx Kits
Colorful fun paper tubes and Pretty Party Sprinkle Mixes for making SPRINKLE STIX Party Favors Fill them with Sprinkles, Mini Sized Candies, Gum or Chocolate Chips.
Please READ these instructions..BEFORE you order to understand just what you will receive. This is a DIY Project for you to make yourself. SPRINKLE YOUR PARTY with FUN Party Sprinkles

Simply fill your sweet little tubes with sprinkles or mini candies, then press and fold over ends to keep your surprise inside.
Party Favor Paper Tubes are 6" long and Extra Thick, Big and Round Paper Tubes

Each Set includes 8 Jumbo Paper Tubes and 2 oz. of Sprinkles and easy instructions.

NOTE ...... We've made many of these and know that 2 oz. of sprinkles will fill 8 tubes. This 2 oz. serving is just the right amount to fill 8 stix. If you run short of sprinkles, then you've used too much and will need to adjust your serving. 

Sprinkle Stix DIY kits